Quality certification

Since 2001, Gruppo CLAS has a quality management system in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001:2015

Design and provision of research and strategie consulting services in the following areas: Applied Economics; Economie Statistics; Technical Assistance and Eva/uation on the Structural and Jnvestment Funds; Statistica/ lnformation Systems; Professional and Organizational Development; Territorial Policies.

Since its establishment, Gruppo CLAS is committed to providing quality services that meet customers’ needs (express and implied) and expectations: this is why we are so successful in what we do. In re-cent years, the competitive environment has become more demanding, and the comparison on ser-vices quality has got tighter.

For this reason, many years ago the Board of Directors started to make a determined effort to improve and certify the quality of the services offered: everyone have been called to take part to this program, and the results, in terms of both organisation and services, are quite appreciable.

In addition to a continuous attention to the use of innovative methodologies and technologies, we have pursued a progressive development of knowledge and corporate objectives sharing. Further-more, it has been deemed critical to establish relationships based on complete knowledge, absolute transparency and full understanding of mutual problems in all different business areas; these have been the conditions necessary to build an internal management system for our increasing quality.

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