Thematic fields

Thematic fieldsEmployment and education
Thematic fieldsEmployment and education

Employment and education

Work and training have always been among the main fields of activity of Gruppo CLAS. The research teams built over time have contributed to deeply monitor and interpret the big changes in the production structure of Italian territories and labour market occurred during the last three decades, since the first reorganisations of the big business (beginning of the Eighties) to the widespread development in the Eighties and Nineties, to the great growth of new contractual forms during the first years of the 2000s, up to the big crisis exploded in 2008 and that seems to be now on its way to the end of the tunnel.

The first effects of these transformations have been the progressive change in professional and training needs of businesses, and the growing demand for services and tools for labour policies, training planning and orientation.

Even in this respect, Gruppo CLAS has fulfilled many activities, often with innovating contents. The many assignments carried out have little by little nurtured the company know-how in these fields, allowing us to rank among the most qualified partners to understand the ongoing changes and their implications.