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Thematic fieldsEU funding
Thematic fieldsEU funding

EU funding

Gruppo CLAS participates in community programs thanks to its professionals’ expertise, and to the experience gained by working on EU cohesion policy since the beginning of the Nineties.

Since Structural Funds (SF) became an instrument with the resources necessary to invest in SME, create employment, safeguard the environment, invest in new technologies, and support border regions, we work on Operational Programmes (OP) co-financed by Structural Funds.

This is why we think the main principles of cohesion policy – concentration of assistance, multi-annual programming, additionality, partnership and subsidiarity – are not mere guidelines of community programs, but reference values at the basis of our actions of supporting, monitoring and evaluating since more than twenty five years.

We are in fact able to support responsible Administrations, and both potential and actual beneficiaries, throughout planning, realization and assessment of Community Programs.