Thematic fields

Thematic fieldsSmart city and urban policies
Thematic fieldsSmart city and urban policies

Smart city and urban policies

Cities and their municipalities have long been given credit for their strategic role in the economic growth of a territory, thanks to the concentration of consumers, human capital and businesses, along with the presence of formal and informal institutions, contributing to the creation of an innovative environment full of agglomeration economies and potentially inclusive.

Gruppo CLAS is strongly committed to providing solutions to issues related to urban and territorial development, and has gained extensive experience in assisting decision-making processes of the Public Administration.

Specifically, Gruppo CLAS provides:

  • analysis of socio-economic dynamics of territorial and urban context of real estate development projects;
  • tests of social, economic and financial viability of recovery and transformation projects in urban areas;
  • estimates of economic and financial viability of large urban functions (fairs, convention centres, stadiums, etc.);
  • identification of the most effective mix of functions to be implemented based on the conditions and trends of real estate markets and potential opportunities of work positioning on the market;
  • assessments of the economic impact of public and private investments (New Fiera Complex) and the realisation of cultural and sporting events (Expo 2015).