Thematic fields

Thematic fieldsRural development
Thematic fieldsRural development

Rural development

The importance of rural areas is valuable, not only for the primary sector relevance in the socio-economic system, but mostly in view of the ability of agricultural areas to safeguard the territory; rural areas help define the region, connecting the rural with the urban fabric, and preserve the precarious balance due to the presence of production facilities and infrastructures which undermine the environmental, landscape and hydrogeological profile.

Thanks to our expertise and experience we mainly support central and regional Administrations, and autonomous Provinces in their activities to:

  • help the agricultural system in its transition to the new agricultural model, focusing on a greater propensity for innovation, quality and supply chain integration;
  • promote sustainable agriculture and forestry development in harmony with the protection of biodiversity, the enhancement of the landscape, the development of renewable energy sources and a balanced use of resources (land, water, etc.);
  • support the diversification of rural economy and the development of infrastructures and services to improve the quality of rural people life, particularly in disadvantaged areas, thus favoring their permanence.