Thematic fields

Thematic fieldsTransports and infrastructures
Thematic fieldsTransports and infrastructures

Transports and infrastructures

Gruppo CLAS offers research and advice on planning, design, implementation and management of infrastructures, services and transport companies.

Transports are one of the key strategic infrastructures of our country: they allow people to move around the whole country, connect Italy to the rest of the world, are the front door of our country for millions of tourists, and allow the handling of goods facilitating imports and exports.

Gruppo CLAS has been working for over thirty years in the transport sector thanks to:

  • a thorough knowledge of the issues related to the various modes of passenger and freight transport on an international level;
  • consolidated analysis methodologies appreciated by clients;
  • experience gained by participating and coordinating several European research projects funded by the European Commission and Parliament;
  • a close-knit research team and a large network of consultants able to understand, analyse and respond in an effective way;
  • a strong sensitivity to the issues of economic, social and environmental sustainability, focusing on urban environment.