Thematic fields

Thematic fieldsTourism, culture and sport
Thematic fieldsTourism, culture and sport

Tourism, culture and sport

Tourism is, by definition, a cross-cutting activity, which implies the integration between different production activities, and relevant skills, even with the help of different disciplines.

The characteristics of Gruppo CLAS fully respond to these needs by allowing a discussion on the phenomena and problems in a complex and integrated perspective: the approach to tourism is based on standards that allow to ponder the subject from a sustainability perspective, in full compliance with the idea of tourism as a strategic lever for economic development. Ready to understand the market changes, the professionals of Gruppo CLAS work closely with institutions and tour operators on the territory, proposing:

  • processes of tourist development of land areas, and plans for tourism marketing;
  • assessment of the socio-economic impact of tourist facilities, the construction of territorial and transport infrastructures, and the organisation of major events;
  • analysis, evaluation and design of Local Tourist Systems;
  • analysis of tourism demand and supply on a territory;
  • identification of training needs in tourism, and arrangement of targeted educational programs;
  • analysis and policies for specific types of tourism (i.e. food and wine, wellness, rural, cultural heritage);
  • assistance for the governance of tourist areas.