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ServicesStatistical Information System

Statistical Information System

Gruppo CLAS measures and interprets complex economic phenomena and their dynamics, creating innovative information systems and databases that combine administrative sources with statistics.

Gruppo CLAS has extensive experience in statistical information systems gained through forty years of activity in the measurement, description and interpretation of complex economic phenomena and their dynamics, both territorial and sector-based.

Why should you rely on us?

  • We have specific expertise and extensive experience in the use and integration of statistical and administrative sources: this enables us to offer our customers accurate information on economic phenomena, as well as accurate analysis of the resulting interrelations.
  • The reality and trends analysis and interpretation that we submit are useful to public bodies, which use this information to make decisions and plan policies and interventions, but also to companies that can use these data to see how they are positioned in a complex and ever changing environment.
  • We have a team working well together and composed of complementary professionals - statisticians, economists and computer technicians - able to intervene at all stages of a project: this allows us to support Italian and European institutions, large companies and bodies working in the field of statistics to develop methodologies, and effectively collect, process and communicate information.