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ServicesCost-Benefit Analysis

Cost-Benefit Analysis

Gruppo CLAS has developed for many years a robust, time-efficient methodology to assess the physical and economic effects of projects.

Gruppo CLAS has been performing cost benefit analysis since the beginning of the Nineties: this allowed to develop a reliable methodology, in line with the best international practices, and a wide repertoire of parameters necessary to evaluate physical and economic effects of projects. Gruppo CLAS can therefore offer highly scientific analysis in a very short time and with a great cost-result ratio.

Why is it important to perform a cost benefit analysis?

  • It is a useful tool to evaluate the effects of development projects, and therefore to allocate little resources among different alternatives.
  • It helps to consider the community and investor’s point of view. Not all investor’s costs and benefits are also costs and benefits for the community. A good cost benefit analysis can also help to manage public debate processes necessary to get stakeholders’ consent.
  • It guarantees a greater transparency in the process of project selection and funding decisions.
  • It is expressly requested by the European Regulation (UE) no. 1303/2013 to access funding provided by Structural Funds 2014-2020 for major projects.