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Industry Analysis

Gruppo CLAS researches on territories and productive sectors are often crucial to support the strategic orientations and choices of institutions, representative bodies and businesses.

Since the Seventies, Gruppo CLAS researchers perform research in applied economics to find out the characteristics and dynamics of territories and production industries: the choice to maintain professional relations with its researchers, has allowed the company to internalise a great knowledge of many Italian entities and production industries altogether - from transport to mechatronics, from education to healthcare.

Scenario analysis are used to get a precise knowledge of territories or industries, allowing to refute clichés or visions anchored to the past that remain in public opinion and in specialised media. These investigations are often necessary to effectively support the demand for new regulations or governmental actions, by the European Union, States or regions.

Key tasks of trade associations include providing their members and the community with an updated picture of their performance, with a dual purpose:

  • Showing the community the importance of their contribution in terms of employment, exports and tax;
  • Providing members with a reliable picture of industry characteristics, allowing them to position themselves, and then assess their strengths and weaknesses. 

This is why many industry associations are turning to Gruppo CLAS to document their field characteristics.