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Market Research

Market and customer satisfaction surveys carried out by Group CLAS provide reliable analysis useful for institutions and businesses of any size to make strategic decisions.

Our interest in demoscopic and market research is the result of our commitment to provide the right data to make informed decisions based on sound analysis, neutral and reliable information, and rigorous scientific approaches. Thanks to our experienced professionals, technologically innovative instruments and a permanent cooperation with universities, we can support businesses of any size, from small companies up to major players.

Why invest in market research and customer satisfaction surveys?

  • Consumers and users have become more and more protagonists of their own choices, aware of their needs, increasingly demanding, mature and selective.
  • If a consumer or user is satisfied with a service they benefited from, they will keep demanding for it, and will probably recommend it to others. Otherwise, they will turn to someone else.
  • It is important for a business to make effective decisions in a better way and earlier than its competitors. Precise demoscopic surveys are the most functional tool for this purpose.
  • Our recent subscription to ASSIRM, the association that brings together the major Italian agencies specialised in Market Research, Opinion Polls and Social Research, lends further evidence and substance to our offer as the perfect partner for your market research and customer satisfaction surveys.