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ServicesSocio-economic research

Socio-economic research

Gruppo CLAS experience in data collection, analysis and processing allows to arrange and carry out surveys on phenomena of different nature.

Gruppo CLAS has extensive experience in the collection, analysis and processing of statistical data, gained through years of implementation of sample surveys on various phenomena.

Why should you rely on us?

  •  We guarantee the performance of all operations “upstream” and “downstream” of the fieldwork: from the definition of the sample design to list issuing, from the drafting of the survey questionnaire to the implementation of statistical processing methodologies and procedures, from the ongoing monitoring of sample coverage up to the production of outputs for results disclosure even online.
  • We can boast a great expertise in the implementation of standardisation and normalisation techniques, extremely useful when working with “raw” basic data or metadata highly heterogeneous.
  • Our innovative IT equipment allows us to make research involving the processing of massive amounts of data, at the same time giving us the opportunity to have the most advanced technologies for statistical analysis (inference, cluster analysis, regression, time series study), and results displaying and disclosure (also web-based);
  • We give great importance to interpretation and comment on results, having a team of experts specialised in the analysis of different economic phenomena.