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Project management

Planning, coordination and control of complex projects are an integral part of Gruppo CLAS offer.

Project Management is not something you say, it is something you do.

Gruppo CLAS has extensive experience in the management of complex tasks as instructed by Project Management, whose methodology is used for planning, control and manage project activities in order to achieve the goals that were set, producing the intended results and costs, and respecting deadlines.

As for public policies, we are able to effectively manage complex programs involving multiple public bodies (at different levels of government) and private entities, referring to Project Management methodologies, which ca be either the “classic” one, based on Conception, Planning, Implementation, Monitoring and Closure phases, or the “Agile” one (based on the “Agile” or light model of software development) that allows a better interaction with customers, a greater ability to facilitate change, and a more effective and transparent communication.