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ServicesEconomic and financial investment analysis
ServicesEconomic and financial investment analysis

Economic and financial investment analysis

The insight into social and economic dynamics, combined with the use of financial models, allows Gruppo CLAS to assess projects potentiality.

Gruppo CLAS has extensive experience in the analysis of economic and financial feasibility of major investments, mainly of infrastructure nature, combining the deep knowledge of social and economic dynamics resulting from ongoing macroeconomic research with the technical ability to use financial analysis models.

A serious feasibility analysis is critical to assess in advance the potential but also the risks of a complex operation: this step is specifically necessary for project financing initiatives, and more generally in all Public Private Partnerships, for which the evaluation of ex-ante benefits and risks is necessary to balance the roles assigned to public and private stakeholders.

In this field, dominated by large multinational companies and financial institutions, Gruppo CLAS offers an important niche service: it is able to quickly and cost-effectively provide an initial overview of the problem, comparing a large number of planning alternatives, roughing in the layout of economic viability and financial requirements. This allows customers to conveniently plan their project, addressing the cost of detailed analysis confirmed only after selecting the most interesting option and the most efficient drafting.