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Did you just graduate
and want to make the most out of your knowledge?

Have you already gained some professional experience? Would you like to work with us?

Gruppo CLAS nurtures everyone’s professionalism through custom programs, because it believes that each and every resource is critical to the company’s growth.

The professional development of each individual is not based on standardised parameters such as the time spent on activities or seniority, but rather on the ability to achieve results for the benefit of all.

Excellent analytical skills, results orientation, willingness to travel, strong ability to work in a team, and excellent language skills are essential requirements to work with us.

Gruppo CLAS maintains a database of contributors interested in employment relationships.
If you apply for employment opportunities, you cannot apply to be included in Gruppo CLAS List of Qualified Professionals.
Gruppo CLAS maintains a List of Qualified Professionals for consulting assignments.
If you apply to be included in Gruppo CLAS List of Qualified Professionals, you cannot submit your resume for employment opportunities.